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All-in-One Marriage Prep:

 75 Experts Share Tips and Wisdom to Help You Get Ready Now


Welcome to This Marriage Preparation Journey! ~ Susanne M. Alexander


The Value of Relationship and Marriage Education ~ Julie M. Baumgardner

Chapter 1: Preparing As a Couple

You Have Chosen—Now Prepare! ~ Greg Hunt and Priscilla Hunt

How to Recognize Your Soulmate ~ Kathryn Elliott, Ph.D., and James Elliott, Ph.D.

Prepared Marriages Are a Better Option ~ Krsnanandini Devi Dasi and Tariq Saleem Ziyad

Marriage Preparation Essentials ~ Linda Bloom and Charlie Bloom

Making Marriage Work Twogether ~ Yolanda “Yanni” Brown

Having a Healthy Couple Relationship ~ Ana Morante

The Value of Mentor Couples ~ Robert A. Ruhnke, D.Min.

Marriage Advice for Premarital Couples ~ Matthew Turvey, Psy.D.

Exercises to Help You Prepare for Marriage ~ Sue Atkins

Preparing Teens for Marriage ~ Ana Morante

Chapter 2:  Pacing and Timing Togetherness

Pace It ~ Emily Luschin

The Law of Relationship Order ~ Krsnanandini Devi Dasi and Tariq Saleem Ziyad

Marrying Young ~ Mark Gungor

Later-Life Love ~ Greg Hunt with Priscilla Hunt

Marrying Successfully Later in Life ~ Mark Gungor

Chapter 3: Preparing As Individuals

Creating an Intimate, Loving Relationship ~ Margaret Paul, Ph.D.

The Value of Self-Responsibility ~ Molly Barrow, Ph.D.

Do You Have a Tail? ~ John Buri, Ph.D.

Are We Mature Enough for Marriage? ~ Paul Coleman, Psy.D.

The Buffalo Wing Principle ~ Amy Spencer

How to Marry a Winner ~ Krsnanandini Devi Dasi

Preventing the Past from Derailing Your Future Marriage ~ Beverly Rodgers, Ph.D., and Tom Rodgers, Ph.D.

Chapter 4: Adjusting Expectations

The Art of Asking Questions ~ Susanne M. Alexander, Stanis Marusak Beck, and Michael J. Beck, Ph.D.

Before You Walk Down the Aisle ~ Julie M. Baumgardner

Are Relationships Hard Work? ~ Don Ferguson, Ph.D.

Expectations vs. Intentions ~ Greg Hunt and Priscilla Hunt

Chapter 5: Deepening Friendship

Compatibility and Friendship ~ John Van Epp, Ph.D.

The Key to a Successful Courtship and Marriage? Ask a Dolphin! ~ Paul Coleman, Psy.D.

What Is a Friend? ~ Susanne M. Alexander

Friendship—The Foundation Stone for Marriage ~ Lidy Seysener

Have Friends of Your Marriage ~ Nisa Muhammad

Chapter 6: Knowing One Another

Honest Dating and Courting ~ Mark Gungor

How Do I Look? ~ Molly Barrow, Ph.D.

Character and Marriage ~ Linda Bloom and Charlie Bloom

Choosing a Partner Who Is Right for You ~ Margaret Paul, Ph.D.

Know Each Other’s Character Before Marrying ~ Susanne M. Alexander

Bejeweled: Gemstones to Consider Before the Rock Goes on the Finger ~Barbara Jenkins Spires

Dating Can Help You Prepare for Your Future ~ Claudia Arp and David Arp

Follow Your Heart Without Losing Your Mind ~ John Van Epp, Ph.D.

How Well Do You Get Along with Others? ~ Susanne M. Alexander

Character in Action ~ Jim Hughes

Chapter 7: Appreciating Diversity

Exploring the Spiritual Side of Marriage ~ Fiona McDonald

Marriage Readiness in the Jewish Tradition ~ Susan Heitler, Ph.D.

Two Shall Become One ~ Nisa Muhammad

Marriage Rituals in the Jewish Tradition ~ Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer

Finding Your Good Thing and Being the Good Thing ~ ClarenceWalker, Ph.D. and Ja’OlaWalker,D.D.

The Adventure of Being a Cross-Cultural Couple ~ Dugan Romano

Exploring Culture, Ethnicity, and Race ~ Susanne M. Alexander

Creating Unity Through Your Courtship and Marriage ~ Raymond Switzer

Intercultural Maturity ~ Grete Shelling

Strengthening Latino Relationships and Marriages ~ Ana Morante

A Challenge to Be More Responsible ~ Nisa Muhammad and Jamil Muhammad

Chapter 8: Understanding Sex

Using the Power of Your Infatuation for Good ~ Dave Carder

Choosing to Wait for Sex Until Marriage ~ Mark Gungor

Start Your Marriage with Passion and Skills ~ Anne Bercht

What’s the Big Deal About Sex, Anyway? ~ Susanne M. Alexander

The Challenges of Sexual Addiction on Relationships ~ Mark Laaser, Ph.D.

Chapter 9: Concerning Cohabiting

Cohabitation Mergers ~ John Curtis, Ph.D.

Cohabitation: Good Idea, or a Marriage Killer? ~ Mike McManus

Cohabitation and Commitment ~ Susanne M. Alexander

Take Time to Take Space! ~ Robert Buchicchio

Chapter 10: Growing In Love

Setting a Foundation of Loving for Your Future Marriage ~ Gary Chapman, Ph.D.

Beneath the Masquerades of Love ~ John Buri, Ph.D.

Assessing Your Relationship Capacity ~ Molly Barrow, Ph.D.

The Journey of Love and Marriage: Know the Stages and Set Your Priorities ~ Rita DeMaria, Ph.D.

Real Love Defined ~ Sheryl Paul

Create Lasting Love by Experiencing Your Experience ~ David Steele

Chapter 11: Communicating Effectively

The Nice-to-Nasty Ratio ~ John Buri, Ph.D.

Strengthening Your Couple Communication Skills ~ Susan Heitler, Ph.D.

Communicating About What Doesn’t Work and What Does ~ Susanne M. Alexander

Learn How to Disagree As If the Windows Were Open ~ Carol Ummel Lindquist, Ph.D.

Does One of Us Have a Problem with Anger? ~ Michael J. Beck, Ph.D.

Consultative Couple Decision Making ~ Susanne M. Alexander

Chapter 12: Building Relationship Strengths

Wedded Bliss Can Be Yours ~ Nisa Muhammad

The Values and Rituals of Authentic Relationships: What the Relationship

Enhancement Model Teaches Us About Marriage ~ Robert F. Scuka, Ph.D.

Creating a Goodwill Partnership ~ Susan Page

Meeting Your Relationship Needs ~ Susanne M. Alexander

Identifying and Addressing Unmet Childhood Needs ~ Paul Coleman, Psy.D.

Soulmate Skills for a Blissful Marriage ~ Kathryn Elliott, Ph.D., and James Elliott, Ph.D.

The Skill of Connecting ~ Ana Morante

Essential Tools for Keeping Your Relationship in Good Repair ~ Stanis Beck

Mentoring a Couple Toward Praying Together ~ Bill and Cynthia Sarles

Chapter 13: Creating a Partnership

Let’s Face It: Men &Women Communicate Differently ~ Noelle C. Nelson, Ph.D.

In Pursuit of a Mate ~ Raymond Switzer

Creating a Flexible Team Marriage ~ Patty Howell, Ed.M.

Gender Equality in Marriage ~ Susanne M. Alexander

Six Keys to an Outrageously Happy Marriage ~ Joel Davisson and Kathy Davisson

Do You Respect One Another? ~ Scott Haltzman, M.D.

Chapter 14: Interacting with Family

Your Relationship with Your Parents ~ Molly Barrow, Ph.D.

Check Out the Family ~ John Van Epp, Ph.D.

“If Our Parents Divorced, Can Our Marriage Succeed?”: Striving for Unity

in an Era of High Family Fragmentation ~ Elizabeth Marquardt

Unity Supports Family Happiness ~ Susanne M. Alexander

Chapter 15: Forming a Stepfamily

Coping with Stepfamily Stress and Creating a Thriving Stepfamily ~ Nancy Landrum

The Stepfamily Journey: Not for Wimps ~ Elizabeth Einstein

Parenting Challenges in Stepfamilies ~ Nancy Landrum

A Stepfamily Success Story ~ Nancy Landrum

Preparing for Stepfamily Life ~ Ana Morante

Chapter 16: Becoming Parents and Rearing Children

Why Now Is the Best Time to Talk About Parenting ~ Rodney Grubbs and Karen Grubbs

Should We Have Children? ~ Sue Atkins

Find and Discuss Your Hidden Parenting Beliefs ~ Sandra Dye

Chapter 17: Handling Money

Managing Your Money ~ Jim Hughes

Love, Honor, and Pay for Stuff (or Why I Wanted to Marry an Investment Banker) ~ Kerri Pomarolli

Ten Tips for Talking to Your Honey About Money ~ Syble Solomon

With Money, What’s Really Going On? ~ Syble Solomon

Chapter 18: Responding to Difficulties

Prepare for “Mile Eighteen” in Your Future Marriage ~ Amy Spencer

Can You Handle Difficulties Together? ~ Susanne M. Alexander

Is Alcohol a Possible Problem in Our Relationship? ~ Michael J. Beck, Ph.D.

Relationship Recovery—Path to the Promised Land ~

Kat Knecht and Curtis Knecht

Violence in Relationships ~ Ana Morante

Chapter 19: Planning for Marriage

Creating a Vision for Your Marriage ~ John Curtis, Ph.D.

Creating Your Marriage Commitments ~ Susanne M.  Alexander

Premarital Assessment: The Importance of Taking an Inventory ~ Peter J. Larson, Ph.D.

Focused Case Study: PREPARE-ENRICH’s Development of Premarital Assessments ~ Peter J. Larson, Ph.D.

Chapter 20: Planning the Wedding

Handling the Feelings About Transitioning to Marriage ~ Sheryl Paul

Creating Your Own Wedding Vows ~ Linda Bloom and Charlie Bloom

Ensuring Wedding Night Bliss ~ James E. Sheridan

A Prayer for Us ~ Raphaella Vaisseau

Blessed Joining ~ Susanne M. Alexander


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Marriage Transformation | All In One Marriage Prep by Susanne M. Alexander