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All-in-One Marriage Prep:

 75 Experts Share Tips and Wisdom to Help You Get Ready Now


Welcome to This Marriage Preparation Journey! ~ Susanne M. Alexander


The Value of Relationship and Marriage Education ~ Julie M. Baumgardner

Chapter 1: Preparing As a Couple

You Have Chosen—Now Prepare! ~ Greg Hunt and Priscilla Hunt

How to Recognize Your Soulmate ~ Kathryn Elliott, Ph.D., and James Elliott, Ph.D.

Prepared Marriages Are a Better Option ~ Krsnanandini Devi Dasi and Tariq Saleem Ziyad

Marriage Preparation Essentials ~ Linda Bloom and Charlie Bloom

Making Marriage Work Twogether ~ Yolanda “Yanni” Brown

Having a Healthy Couple Relationship ~ Ana Morante

The Value of Mentor Couples ~ Robert A. Ruhnke, D.Min.

Marriage Advice for Premarital Couples ~ Matthew Turvey, Psy.D.

Exercises to Help You Prepare for Marriage ~ Sue Atkins

Preparing Teens for Marriage ~ Ana Morante

Chapter 2:  Pacing and Timing Togetherness

Pace It ~ Emily Luschin

The Law of Relationship Order ~ Krsnanandini Devi Dasi and Tariq Saleem Ziyad

Marrying Young ~ Mark Gungor

Later-Life Love ~ Greg Hunt with Priscilla Hunt

Marrying Successfully Later in Life ~ Mark Gungor

Chapter 3: Preparing As Individuals

Creating an Intimate, Loving Relationship ~ Margaret Paul, Ph.D.

The Value of Self-Responsibility ~ Molly Barrow, Ph.D.

Do You Have a Tail? ~ John Buri, Ph.D.

Are We Mature Enough for Marriage? ~ Paul Coleman, Psy.D.

The Buffalo Wing Principle ~ Amy Spencer

How to Marry a Winner ~ Krsnanandini Devi Dasi

Preventing the Past from Derailing Your Future Marriage ~ Beverly Rodgers, Ph.D., and Tom Rodgers, Ph.D.

Chapter 4: Adjusting Expectations

The Art of Asking Questions ~ Susanne M. Alexander, Stanis Marusak Beck, and Michael J. Beck, Ph.D.

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